Privacy Policy

1) This document contains the privacy policy of AEK Hair Clinic (hereinafter referred to as the ‘System’). This privacy policy describes how to manage the personal information of people who use the System (shortly referred to as ‘User’). By using the System, the User accepts the following terms and conditions.

2) The User may use the System without specifying his / her personal information and if the User wants to fill in the consultation form, the System asks for some personal information from the User.

3) The User agrees that the System may collect and store the following personal information conveyed to the System:

a) Personal information such as name, surname, email, phone number and living place

b) The IP addresses of the User during the use of the System

The above information will be hereinafter referred to as Personal Information.

4) The e-mail address and phone number of the Users registered with the System can be used by the System to communicate with the User, to make publicity / advertising, but this information is not shared by the System with other Users and third parties and is not sold by the System.

5) The system shall keep the Personal Information confidential; It undertakes to take necessary measures and to take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of all or part of the Personal Information to a third person or organization. Although the System has taken necessary information security measures, the System will not have any responsibility if the personal information is damaged or in the hands of third parties as a result of possible attacks against the System.

6) The system may use the information of its Users for campaign works, for the purpose of constructing special promotional activities for users and for use only within the System.

7) In order to provide a personal web experience to its Users, The System may hold Cookies that does not contain personal information about the User. A Cookie is a small text file that is transferred from the website to the User’s computer or mobile device’s hard drive.

8) The System may change the provisions of this “Privacy Policy” unilaterally at any time by posting it on the Website ( The provisions of the “Privacy Policy ” that the System makes changes will be effective as of the date of publication on the Website. Continuing to use the System means that the users have accepted the changes.


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