Nitrousoxide and Neurovibration vs. Needle-Free Anesthesia

Some clinics in Turkey use a technique called ‘needle-free anesthesia’. They use an instrument that uses a liquid-jet in order to administer the local anesthetic instead of a needle and they claim this will lead to a painless procedure.


Needle-Free AnesthesiaAlthough this sounds good at first, the pain during the local anesthetic procedure is caused by the injection of the liquid and not the needle itself. It doesn’t matter if it injected by the liquid-jet or the needle, the same amount of pain will be felt. Most of the pain during a local anesthetic procedure is caused by the burning sensation that the acidic liquid causes and the way the anesthetic is injected won’t prevent this burning sensation. Besides, the needle-free anesthesia instrument is unable to inject local anesthetic at the desired surgical levels and dosage to complete a successful anesthesia and clinics using this instrument feel obliged to follow up with usual needle injections. Patients have reported that the needle-free anesthesia instrument didn’t prevent pain during the local anesthetic procedure. Therefore, at AEK Hair Clinic, we use scientifically proven methods and technologies to maximize patient comfort such as nitrousoxide and neurovibration.


Nitrousoxide analgesia system is a revolutionary technology frequently used at dental, dermatology, plastic surgery and gynecology clinics. It is based on using a 50/50 mixture of nitrousoxide and oxygen that prevents discomfort and even causes a tendency to laugh during treatment procedures. Injections that otherwise may be painful will not be a problem at all using this technology. We bet you are going to love it!


We also use the scientifically proven ‘neurovibration’ technique that makes the local anesthetic application as comfortable as possible. It is based on keeping the nerves occupied in transmitting vibration instead of pain which has proven to be very beneficial in minimizing discomfort. Patients have testified that this technique reduces local anesthetic pain significantly.


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