Hair Transplant In Turkey

AEK Hair Clinic is a hair transplant center in Turkey which provides the highest standard of care.

Hair Transplant Surgeon
Ali Emre Karadeniz

Ali Emre Karadeniz, MD (Dr. K) is one of the most qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeons in Turkey. He is the only American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) certified Turkish plastic surgeon who is known for his ethical values and high standards for patient care. He has performed over 2000 hair operations.

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What is a hair transplant consultation?

A hair transplant consultation is the communication between the candidate patient and the doctor including the physical examination for hair loss, the diagnosis of the problem, the discussion on treatment options, pros and cons, and the education of the patient regarding the problem and the possible treatments. And finally, setting the patient’s expectations regarding those treatment options.

In case of an international clinic the consultation may be an online consultation using emails, text messages or phone calls. The evaluation of the patient’s hair loss may be done over evaluating photographs or videos.

A hair transplant consultation is not a sales talk. It cannot be done by a consultant or a salesperson. It cannot be based on a motivation of selling a treatment that actually may not be beneficial to the patient.

Poor surgical candidates should not be offered surgery. Alternative treatments such as PRP, mesotherapy, lasers, vitamins or supplements should not be offered as the main treatment. Real treatments such as finasteride or minoxidil should be mentioned in the consultation and the recommendation of these medications should not be censored with the fear that the patient is not going to like this recommendation or with the motivation of trying to sell a more "profitable" treatment.

Long-term planning should always be made and the patient should not be pushed into a surgical procedure which is just aimed at saving the day and making the quickest possible profit. Long-term planning is essential and the patient’s long-term best benefits should always be considered.

Hair Transplant In Turkey

We are aware that you are looking for a hair transplant center that can provide a quality treatment at a reasonable price. In spite of the very cheap and low quality competition, we have insisted on being a high quality clinic where the doctor offers to be significantly involved in the surgical procedures and thorough supervision of his team. As a result, we have been producing consistently good hair transplant results since our clinic was founded.

Having a hair transplant is an important decision. If you are thinking of having a hair transplant in Turkey, you are at the right address. We are a hair transplant clinic in Turkey specialized in providing affordable and high quality hair transplants for international patients. Having a hair transplant in Turkey is now easy and reliable with our high-quality and all-inclusive packages.

AEK Hair Clinic is a hair transplant center in Turkey which provides a variety of surgical options to fit in with everyone's needs. Our medical team consists of the most experienced and skilled medical staff in Turkey, who are always dedicated to provide the highest standard of care and to give the best result possible for every patient.

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Our Featured Treatments

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT is a very sophisticated technique that requires extensive surgical training by the surgeon and technicians, which is why this technique isn’t available in most Turkish clinics. This technique provides the best quality grafts while causing minimal scarring.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is the individual harvesting of follicular unit grafts. The most important determinant of the quality of FUE is the training and skills of the surgical team that is doing it.

Unshaven Hair Transplant

We provide unshaven FUT and FUE options for patients who need to socialise as early as possible.

Body Hair Transplant (BHT)

Body hair, especially beard hair can be an extra source for donor hair in patients with limited donor availability at the scalp.

Why Choose Us For A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

ABHRS Certified Surgeon<br>Dr. Karadeniz (Dr. K)

ABHRS Certified Surgeon
Dr. Karadeniz (Dr. K)

ABHRS, is the only international medical board that provides accreditation for hair restoration surgery doctors who have proven to be up to date on current science and technology and have proven to produce exceptionally good results. Dr. Karadeniz (Dr. K) is the only ABHRS certified Turkish plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery in Turkey, is an additional 6 years of surgical training over the 6 years of medical school and is the only field of medicine that provides in depth training in cosmetic surgery and tissue reconstruction using grafts.

Dr. Karadeniz Live Consultation

Dr. Karadeniz Live Consultation

At AEK Hair Clinic, we believe that every patient should be able to have a live consultation with the doctor before deciding on having a hair transplant. It is very important that this consultation is done with the doctor and not with a sales representative or consultant. Dr. Karadeniz (Dr. K) offers every patient a live online consultation which will make sure that all your questions are answered and you can hear the personalised treatment plan offered by the doctor.

Personalised Treatment

Personalised Treatment

Every patient is different and there is not one method or instrument that is ideal for every patient. Therefore surgical techniques and instruments should varied according to each hair transplant patient's needs. At AEK Hair Clinic, we make a personalised treatment plan for each patient and use the surgical techniques that best suit the patients condition.

Dr. Karadeniz Hairline Design

Dr. Karadeniz Hairline Design

Hairline design is the soul of a hair transplant procedure. It is essential to make the hairline design professionally in order to guarantee a lifelong natural hairline. Plastic surgery is the only specialty in medicine that specialises in making aesthetically pleasing surgical designs and therefore it is very important to have a plastic surgeon making your hairline design. At AEK Hair Clinic, Dr. Karadeniz himself makes your hairline design.

Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

AEK Hair Clinic gives you a lifetime guarantee that your transplanted hairs are the most permanent hairs harvested from your donor zone and also guarantees that your design will stay natural for life.

How Things Work

How Things Work

We provide a wide range of services for our patients to overcome the difficulty of going to another country to have surgery with a very different culture, standard of health care and language.

Some Reviews About Us

What Patients Say About AEK Hair Clinic

Simply the best

5 Star Hair Transplant Clinic

I had 2 procedures at Doctor Ali clinic. Both procedures went perfectly well. And compared with other doctors I have dealt with, Dr Ali is even more competent, more keen on doing the utmost needed. The clinic is very clean, all the trip was smooth and comfortable. With Dr Ali I have the belief I have done the maximum that can be done during a procedure, be it 1 day, 2 days or 3 days.

popov_al @ realself

Very happy and recommend

5 Star Hair Transplant Clinic

His whole service was excellent. Dr K’s whole team was very professional and supportive. Once the procedure was complete I spoke with Dr K alone, he told me what I need to do in the first 2 weeks to ensure maximum results. Afterwards I have provided updates and Dr K and his team have answered all my questions and concerns. Overall I am very happy with my results, I am now 13 months post procedure my hair is still getting thicker and new hair is starting to come through at the back, just as Dr K said it would. I would definitely recommend Dr K and his team for anyone thinking of a hair transplant procedure

Aussie14 @ realself

I had an amazing experience!

5 Star Hair Transplant Clinic

I recently had a transplant done by Dr Ali Emre Karadeniz and must report that the overall experience was wonderful. The dr was extremely knowledgeable, professional and personal. Not only did my results look great so far, but it was a pleasure being served by Dr Ali and his staff.

patrickcosta @ realself
Istanbul, Turkey

The Capital City of Hair Transplantation In The World

Istanbul is the most popular city in the world about hair transplantation.

AEK Hair Clinic is a "boutique" hair transplant clinic located in Turkey and specialized in providing high quality and affordable hair transplants for international patients.

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