Hair Transplant Repair

Hair transplant repair, is a broad term that includes all cases who have had previous hair transplant procedures with a poor outcome. In fact, even when the first hair transplant has given a reasonable result, in the vast majority of the cases the donor capacity is used up at a much higher degree than the coverage provided and with variable degrees of scarring. Extraordinary surgical skills are necessary to provide a significant improvement in previously operated hair loss patients.


Hair Transplant Repair In Turkey

A bad hair transplant is a devastating experience for a hair loss patient who has already been upset about his/her hair loss for a long time. It is very disturbing to see people staring at our unnatural looking hair transplant result, instead of having the problem solved. A patient who has had an unsuccessful hair transplant has one or more of these characteristics:

  1. They are in a depressive mood.
  2. They do not trust hair clinics anymore.
  3. Their donor area is partially or mostly damaged with very limited donor resources.
  4. There are more problems to be solved than their natural hair loss, such as wrong distribution, angle and direction of hair and scarring at the donor area.


For all of these reasons, repair cases are the most challenging but at the same time more rewarding when a good repair is done.


The most common procedures done during repair surgeries are:

  1. Removing plugy-looking grafts, grafts that have a wrong angle or direction and redistributing these grafts.
  2. Increasing density at strategic areas to fix unnatural distribution.
  3. Repairing and camouflaging scars that alter donor area aesthetics.


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