Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

When people who want to have a hair transplant start planning it, the first thing that comes to mind is the hair transplant turkey cost of this procedure. Although they get rid of the problem of hair loss thanks to the hair transplantation process, the prices can sometimes confuse people. We can’t give you an exact price, but we can say an average price.


The average hair transplant Turkey cost is between $2000 and $3000, depending on the number of grafts. At the low end, the procedure should be about $1-$2 per graft, while the higher-end surgery can run up to $8000. The average cost for a 2000-graft surgery should range from $2000 to $4000. But the high-end surgery can run up to $16,000 or $24,000, depending on the surgeon and location.


This article will go over the costs associated with hair transplants in Turkey, including travel expenses and the number of grafts used. You’ll also learn about the costs associated with the surgery itself. Listed below are some of the most common questions that you’ll want to ask. The following information is also relevant to other aspects of hair transplant Turkey costs.


Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

LocationLow QualityMedium QualityHigh Quality
UK€ 2.500€ 5.000€ 12.000
Europe€ 3.000€ 6.000€ 8.500
USA€ 2.750€ 7.000€ 10.000
Turkey€ 850€ 2.500€ 4.500

As you can see in the table, Turkey is cheaper than other European countries and America. If you’re wondering why keep reading our article.


Reasons for the low cost of hair transplant Turkey cost


Despite the comparatively low price of hair transplants in Turkey, there are some reasons why people choose the country over other destinations. First, the healthcare system in Turkey is simplified, which means that medical costs are lower here than in other countries. As a result, a patient can save up to thirty percent on the cost of the procedure. Additionally, he or she can enjoy a more comfortable stay and a relaxing spa treatment, as well as additional services like private drivers. The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey can be significantly lower than in most European countries.


Just because it’s cheaper than in European countries doesn’t mean it’s of poor quality. Turkey is not cheap simply because of the low cost of the procedure. Moreover, Turkey’s medical facilities are well-known for their high quality and safety records. Many international patients have recommended Turkish hair transplant clinics, which are known for their high standards. However, it’s important to be cautious and ask questions before signing a contract with a clinic. For instance, don’t rush into deciding on the first clinic you find. Make sure the surgeon is specialized in hair transplants.


Moreover, Turkey’s low price can help you get a high-quality hair transplant in less time than you think. FUE hair transplant procedures are the most popular in Turkey and worldwide. A specialist removes the hair follicles one by one from a donor area and then creates a graft consisting of two or three hairs with roots. He then places the grafts into a receding hair zone. This procedure is safe and effective, and the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey starts at $850.


Another reason for the low cost of hair transplants in Turkey is the high demand for such procedures. The free healthcare system in Turkey has allowed the establishment of clinics in all major cities, resulting in the employment of thousands of doctors. Additionally, medical education has improved at both the university and clinical levels. Thus, there are many hair transplant clinics in Turkey, but this doesn’t mean the staff is random. Most of the clinics have doctors and surgeons with medical qualifications.


Apart from this, Turkey is a very beautiful country with historical museums, and natural beauties, covered with seas on three sides. If you go to the Mediterranean region of Turkey, you can enjoy the sun, if you go to the Black Sea region, you can enjoy nature, if you go to the Marmara, you can enjoy the history. People prefer this country to see the unique beauties of Turkey as well as hair transplantation operations.


Although hair transplantation clinics are located in every city in Turkey, the number of clinics in Istanbul is higher. Istanbul is a city that connects the Asian and European continents, has a wonderful Bosphorus view, has historical beauties, and about 20 million people live in Istanbul. Istanbul, which is a complete business center, has quality hair transplantation clinics. AEK Hair Clinic is one of them.


Cheaper than other top locations


If you’re looking for the cheapest hair transplant procedure, you might want to look into Mexico. This country is not part of the Eurozone, so the price of hair transplant surgery in Mexico is considerably lower than in Turkey. In fact, you can get a hair transplant in Mexico for as little as $2,500. If that seems too high, you can also opt for a cheaper location in India, where prices are considerably lower. A good clinic in India will even provide you with hotel accommodation and an interpreter to make the process as comfortable as possible.


The price of hair transplant surgery varies based on the type of procedure performed. Generally, the more experienced the surgeon is, the more expensive the procedure will be. A surgical procedure like a hair transplant in a country where surgeons are highly trained is cheaper than one in a competitive market. The cost also depends on how much hair is being lost and the number of grafts required. Treating just a few patches of hair loss will cost far less than reconstructing an entire scalp.


While the price of hair transplant surgery in Poland may not be the cheapest option, it is still cheaper than the costs in the US. While the starting cost for hair transplant surgery in Poland is around $2,500, the procedure may cost as much as $4,000 in more advanced stages of baldness. Some clinics in Thailand charge as low as $3,900, which includes hotel stay and transfer. However, this type of treatment is considered a medical tourism procedure and comes with a significant price tag.



Non-surgical procedure


If you are looking for a non-surgical hair transplant procedure in Turkey, then you have come to the right place. With experienced surgeons in Turkey, you can be guaranteed of receiving high-quality results without paying a fortune. In fact, the team at AEK Hair Clinic is committed to giving every patient the best possible hair transplant surgery experience at the most affordable price. From consultation to operation, our team of surgeons will be with you from beginning to end, developing the most effective surgical plan based on your needs. Our doctors will also be with you for as long as it takes for you to return home, ensuring your satisfaction.


The quality of Turkish doctors is exceptional, which makes this procedure an excellent choice for many patients. Doctors in Turkey are highly experienced and specialized in performing hair transplants. In Turkey, all hair transplant operations are performed by doctors. While hair transplant technicians need minimal supervision, they are required to have at least two years of training and experience. Whenever complications or complicated cases arise, doctors intervene and complete the procedure. Whether it is a traditional procedure or a new one, you’ll be assured of the highest quality results.


FUE is one of the latest methods of hair transplantation. With this technique, doctors extract the follicles one by one and implant them in the balding area. As FUT leaves permanent scars, FUE is the preferred method in Turkey. In FUE, doctors use a quality stone to cut open small channels and reduce tissue damage. Additionally, the procedure takes just one day to complete and international patients typically take a week off work.


Hair Transplant in Turkey


Number of grafts required for a hair transplant in Turkey


While the actual Hair Transplant Turkey cost per graft can vary depending on the doctor and the clinic, most Turkish medical centers offer package prices that cover up to 4,000 units. For those seeking an increased amount of grafts, you should discuss your needs with your doctor. Turkey offers some of the lowest prices per unit worldwide, and a search online should give you a good idea of what to expect. There is a good chance that you will have a full head of hair in just one session.


The number of grafts required for hair transplant depends on the severity of thinning or loss, and the type of donor hair. A doctor will determine how many grafts per square centimeter is required based on your desired outcome. The total number of grafts needed will depend on the condition of your hair and how many areas of the head are missing hair. Turkey’s doctors use the FUE and FUT procedures to implant hair.


Generally, a hair transplant requires around 2000 grafts or 5000 strands of hair. The cost of a 2000-graft operation will be around EUR1,500. For those who need more, 4000 grafts will cost you around EUR2,500. Turkey’s hair transplant clinics often offer all-inclusive packages for a maximum number of grafts.


The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey varies based on the procedure and surgeon used. A standard procedure costs approximately $2,000 to $7,000, while more expensive procedures cost upwards of $30,000.


In addition to the fact that the prices are cheaper than in other countries, the sales representatives of the clinics take care of you one-on-one, from the flight ticket you will buy to the hotel where you will stay. Most clinics have partner hotels that deal with this, so when you go to Turkey, you don’t need to find a hotel to stay, your clinic will contact the hotel for you. For these and other reasons, Turkey is a very preferred country.


Cosmetic surgery nature of the procedure in Turkey

Hair transplantation is a surgical process for men and women to restore thinning hair. It is performed by transplanting hair follicles from high-density areas of the head. Hair follicles are harvested from the back, sides, or other areas of the body and then implanted into the balding area. In Turkey, hair transplants are performed by a team of highly experienced medical doctors in a modern clinic.


Turkey is the best place for hair transplants because of its high level of medical standards. There are very strict medical regulations in Turkey, which makes it difficult to find inexperienced surgeons. In addition, patients are guaranteed the best prices online. Furthermore, the site has surgeon profiles, professional memberships, and patient reviews. Hair transplantation is an expensive procedure, and you should not opt for an unqualified surgeon. Turkey boasts world-class hospitals, medical networks, and highly skilled surgeons.


Hair transplants in Turkey are affordable compared to other popular destinations. Turkey’s minimum wage is much lower than most other countries. Its cost of living is also lower than most other places in the world. There are more than 1500 board-certified plastic surgeons in the country. In Turkey, more than 500 hair transplant clinics have been opened in Istanbul.  The country is a global leader in the field, and it is growing fast.


AEK Hair Clinic


Affordable prices in Turkey


If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for hair loss, hair transplant in Turkey may be a good choice. Hair transplant procedures are performed by internationally renowned surgeons who combine their medical expertise with decades of hospitality experience. The costs of the procedure are usually around $300-400, and you can enjoy a package that includes flights, accommodation, and transfers. The treatment involves placing grafts in the balding area, and the cost of the procedure will not increase if you have advanced hair loss. In addition to the cost of hair transplant Turkey, medical consumables are priced separately.


In Turkey, competition among clinics for hair transplant surgery is fierce. With 350 hair transplant clinics located in Istanbul, you have more than enough options to choose from. To increase their competitiveness, many Turkish hospitals have started offering all-inclusive packages, which help international patients save money and obtain a full set of services at once. Before choosing a clinic, make sure to do thorough research about it. Ask for references and testimonials from previous patients. Also, make sure to check out the hospital’s before-and-after photos.


FUE is the most common hair transplant procedure in Turkey, and around the world. The procedure involves a specialist taking individual hair follicles from the donor area, creating a group of two to three hairs with roots, and transplanting them into the area of hair loss. In Turkey, the initial price for an FUE procedure is $1150. You can also look into robotic hair transplants. This procedure is performed by a robotic system and uses cameras to monitor the procedure.


In Turkey, there are many methods that you can have other than FUE. These can be listed as DHI hair transplantation and FUT hair transplantation. These two techniques are highly advanced and preferred by many people.


Methods of hair transplantation


Before each hair transplantation operation, the patient’s hair analysis is performed in detail. A design is created according to the patient’s hair structure. The structure of the hair, hair follicles, how much hair is lost, and the donor area are examined and the method to be applied according to the patient’s hair type is decided.


Sapphire FUE, DHI, and FUT methods are also widely used. In the sapphire method, a special sapphire knife is used. In other methods, the Choi pen is used. All of them are very reliable and are among the methods that have been applied for years.


What is the difference between DHI and FUE methods?


DHI, stands for Direct Hair Implantation, as the name implies, means that hair transplantation is performed directly.  The most well-known feature of this method is that a lot of grafts can be transplanted in a short time. Another distinctive feature of DHI is that it is performed without making an incision in the scalp. In other words, no surgical intervention is performed. With this method, not only hair but also beard, eyebrow, and mustache transplantation can be performed.


FUE is a method that started to be applied after the 2000s. More precisely, it started to be applied in Turkey after the 2000s and is the most popular method today.


In this method, unlike DHI, incisions are made on the scalp. These incisions are discarded with medical blades containing micro-tips, and the FUE method is a process that leaves almost no traces. With this method, beard and mustache transplantation can be done.


Although the FUE and DHI procedures are similar, they are actually different. In the DHI method, the roots taken from the donor area are transplanted directly into the part where the hair is not present, while the roots taken in the FUE method are kept in a container. In FUE, a medical knife is used, but in DHI, a special pen is used. Therefore, the possibility of bleeding in the DHI method is less.


Thanks to the pen used in FUE, more grafts are transplanted in one session, but this number is limited in DHI. For example, while 2000 grafts are transplanted in one session with the DHI technique, this number can reach 4500 in the FUE method.


Since pencils are used in the DHI technique, more transplantation can be done in narrow areas, but FUE is known as a more successful method of planting in large areas.

What is the FUT technique?


FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation. What this technique differs from other techniques is that the hair follicles are transplanted not individually but in clusters. This technique has been used for 30 years and is almost the oldest method.


Although it has been known for many years, it is no longer a very preferred method. The new methods that have emerged with the development of technology are now more popular and compatible with the latest technology. Nevertheless, there are many people who have hair transplantation with the FUT method today.


This operation takes about 5 hours.  Hair follicles are taken in bulk and these roots are kept on the microscope glass so that the hair clusters are not damaged. However, the FUT technique is a technique that can leave traces, so other techniques can be preferred more.


Most people are more concerned with the prices of these operations, so let’s get back to the price issue. The price of hair transplantation in Turkey varies depending on the methods used and the number of grafts required. The cost per graft will be lower as the number of grafts increases. In Turkey, you could spend as little as $1750 for a FUE method, while you may have to undergo two sessions to get a full head of hair. The procedure itself may also require multiple sessions, so the final cost for the procedure will depend on the size of the bald area.


In Turkey, hair transplant surgeries are much cheaper compared to their US and UK counterparts. The main reason for this is the high volume of medical tourism in the country, which has pushed clinics to cut their prices to get more business. The quality of the work performed is also higher in Turkey, where the technology and equipment are more sophisticated than in the UK, US, or Europe. The costs of a hair transplant procedure in Turkey are quite affordable, and there is no reason for you to pay more than you have to.


Turkey is the cheapest country for hair transplant surgery. Prices can vary widely depending on the method used, clinic, surgeon, and hospital. A body hair transplant in Turkey can cost as little as $1,500 and a facial hair transplant can cost as much as $15 per graft. A hair transplant Turkey is not covered by health insurance, so it is best to shop around for the best prices. Nevertheless, the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is significantly lower than its cost in other parts of the world.


The cost of a hair transplant Turkey is affordable when compared to other popular destinations. Turkey has a low minimum wage, and the cost of living is considerably lower as well. This includes rent, utilities, and other expenses. Turkey has a reputable healthcare system with more than 1500 certified plastic surgeons. In addition to this, 30 of the country’s hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International. Most of the hair transplant surgeons in Turkey are members of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), and the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and their training and experience increase month by month.


Extra services provided


Traveling to Turkey for a hair transplant Turkey cost can between $300 and $400. Some clinics offer a package that includes hotel accommodations, transfers, and interpreter services. You can combine the surgery with a vacation to an exotic location, such as Istanbul, for even more savings. Some hair transplant centers offer free tours and shopping opportunities, and some even offer private drivers. Premium packages typically cost fifteen to twenty percent more than standard packages but can make a significant difference in the total cost.


When you choose the clinic that best meets your needs and budget, make sure to ask about extra services. Generally, the cost depends on how many grafts the doctor can transplant in one session. However, if the area is larger or the hair loss is more advanced, a couple of sessions may be required. The cost of hair transplant surgery in Turkey is $5,000 per session, with some clinics charging more or less.


If you plan to get a hair transplant Turkey, make sure that the clinic offers comprehensive services, including pre-operative consultations. You should look for a clinic that offers a full range of services, including aftercare, consultations, and post-operative follow-ups. The clinic should also be able to provide before-and-after photos of patients who have undergone the procedure. It’s not uncommon to find pictures of people who’ve had a hair transplant in Turkey.


Hair transplant in Turkey is comparatively cheap compared to the US, UK, and European countries. While you’ll pay more for this procedure abroad, you’ll also receive more quality care for your money. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay shipping, logistics, and customs costs, which is common in most countries. You’ll also have a better chance of getting a great result if you have a higher-quality hair transplant Turkey.


For a truly customized experience, choose a center that offers all-inclusive packages, which include the procedure, hospital transfers, and medication. A personal host and post-operative follow-ups will also be included. The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey will depend on the number of grafts needed and your desired result. A FUE procedure will cost about $850, which is considerably more affordable than other options.


Robotic hair transplants in Turkey


In Europe, robotic hair transplants cost approximately 4,000 to 8,000 euros per procedure. Robotic hair transplants in Turkey cost between 1,799 and 2999 euros. The cost of robotic hair transplants in Turkey typically includes follow-up care and a stay at a four-star hotel. However, as this technique is relatively new and still under study, the price ranges widely. To get a better idea of the cost, read on.


Compared to traditional hair transplants, robotic hair transplants in Turkey cost 60 to 80% less than in the UK, the Netherlands, or the United States. The reason for the lower cost is the use of advanced medical technology and robotic surgery. Robotic hair transplant procedures use robots to remove the grafts from the donor area. This procedure is more efficient than manual transplantation and results are visible within a few weeks.


All-inclusive packages offered by clinics in Turkey


Most clinics in Turkey offer all-inclusive hair transplant packages. Usually, these include everything from the treatment itself to your accommodation. For example, if you are planning to go for a hair transplant in Istanbul, you may opt to stay at a 4-star hotel. Most clinics also offer a complimentary massage to their patients. Afterward, you may enjoy sightseeing in Istanbul. In addition, clinic staffs speak English and Turkish, which helps you communicate with them easily.


If you are considering going to Turkey for your hair transplant, make sure to check airline flight availability and prices before booking your trip. Try to book your hotel and flights together to save money. You should also arrive at the airport early and complete any pre-flight logistics. Arriving in ample time will ensure that you can complete the COVID-19 testing requirements without feeling rushed. Lastly, you should make sure to bring an extra pillow or blanket so that you can sleep comfortably.


Travel expenses


The price of a hair transplant in Turkey will include airfare, hotel accommodations, and transportation to and from the clinic. Istanbul has a mild climate with maximum summer temperatures around 29 degrees Fahrenheit, and minimum winter temperatures seldom drop below zero. The hottest months are July and August. If you are planning on having hair transplant surgery, be sure to pack layers and protection from the sun, as this will hinder future hair growth. Alternatively, you can bring a thin jacket.


It is important to compare prices between different countries. The average price of a hair transplant in Turkey is approximately half that of Mexico. You can save between thirty and forty percent by booking a package. Many of these packages include everything from free transfers and accommodations to interpreter services. You can also choose a Premium package, which includes extras such as spa treatments, shopping tours, and private drivers. The premium package will cost about twenty percent more than the standard package, but it can make a big difference in the final bill.


Visiting Turkey is an excellent option for patients with severe hair loss. Turkey is home to more than 800,000 people who travel to the country for medical procedures. The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is roughly equivalent to that of a similar procedure in the United States. However, if you are suffering from advanced hair loss, you may require a large number of grafts. Considering the low cost of living in Turkey, the procedure itself will cost you about three or four times less than in the US.


The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is significantly lower than in most places in Europe, the US, or the UK. The surgery costs anywhere between two and three thousand Euros, which includes the cost of your accommodation, medication, and travel expenses. Also, the price for the surgery includes all of the required follow-up appointments, as well as online assistance. Travel expenses for hair transplant surgery in Turkey are not terribly expensive.


Choose Turkey for hair transplant


When comparing hair transplant prices between countries, Turkey tops the list. Compared to the UK, hair transplants in Turkey are significantly cheaper. You can get a hair transplant at a 5-star hotel and receive expert care. Low labor and medical supply costs are part of the reason why hair transplants in Turkey are so affordable. Moreover, the cost of living in Turkey is considerably lower than in other countries, making it a more attractive destination for hair transplants.


Medical tourism in Turkey is widely available. There are many clinics in Turkey that have been operating for two decades. Most clinics have advanced technology and facilities, enabling patients to get high-quality hair restoration. Prices in Turkey are comparatively low, which means that you can save up to 80% on your hair transplant. Turkey also has many scenic areas, such as the Mediterranean Sea and the touristic seaside. In addition, it is very convenient to travel from Europe to Turkey.


The hair transplant industry in Turkey has been heavily influenced by international clinical practice. All medical centers are supervised regularly by the Ministry of Health. During these inspections, doctors are assessed for licenses, environmental conditions, and quality of facilities. Turkey also has the highest proportion of JCI-approved hair transplant centers in the world. Therefore, it is a good choice for hair transplant. So, what are the reasons to choose Turkey for hair transplant?


There are many hair transplant clinics in Turkey and choosing the right one can be a difficult process. It is essential to research the clinics thoroughly to find the best one for your needs. Besides, you need to understand the full cost of the procedure and the quality of care afterward. The competitive nature of the hair transplant industry in Turkey encourages clinics to upgrade their standards. This means that you can expect high-quality hair transplants and a pleasant experience.


Hair transplant surgery in Turkey is widely available in Istanbul, which is the country’s hair transplant capital. The lower cost of procedures in Turkey is attributed to several factors, including the lower Hair Transplant Turkey costs of materials, and rent. Turkey’s high exchange rate makes the cost of materials and products lower in Turkey than in many other countries. Furthermore, hair transplant procedures in Turkey are backed by a high-quality medical staff and government incentives.


The fact that Turkey is very successful in this field also makes it difficult for the patient to choose which clinic. Here are some tips to help you figure out if a clinic is right for you at this point:


  • It is very important that the clinic is hygienic. The medical equipment, office, and toilets used must be clean. This is something you should care about. 
  • You should check whether the clinic you choose has interpreters in your language or not. When you go to Turkey, it is very important that all your questions are answered. There is absolutely no room for error in the field of health. 
  • Follow the clinic of your choice on social media. Keep track of regularly shared stories and posts. Usually, clinics share “before-after” photos after hair transplant operations. In this way, you can decide how professional the work of surgeons is or not.
  • Read the comments made to the clinic of your choice on the Internet and take a look at the number of votes. The comments and opinions of former patients are very important. Remember, they chose it by researching like you. That’s why it’s so important that you read every comment.
  • Contact the sales representatives of the clinic. Remember that you can ask them any question you have in mind. You can ask detailed questions about hotel agreements, and whether there is a VIP opportunity and hair transplantation operation.
  • You can research the clinic’s surgeons and medical teams online. If you achieve positive results, know that the clinic is reliable.

AEK, which is one of the clinics that meet all these items, performs your hair transplantation operations in a completely hygienic environment by providing one hundred percent confidence. You can follow us on our social media accounts, or you can contact us directly if you wish.


Are there easy payment methods for hair transplantation?


It is not possible to say yes or no to the answer to this question definitively. However, there are clinics that offer a facilitated payment method, there are also clinics that do not. Often, clinics have diversified their payment methods, as they want to offer convenience to their patients.


Hair Transplant Cost in AEK Hair Clinic

AEK Hair Clinic is a health institution that considers the hair health of the patient before money and provides them with the result they wish under completely hygienic conditions. It is one of the most prominent clinics in Turkey, it has very successful health professionals. Apart from that, it has translators in almost every language, and thanks to its experienced salespeople, all the questions in your mind are answered.


As for the payment part, our salespeople inform you about the price. As with any clinic, pricing varies according to the number of grafts to be transplanted. However, the prices of AEK Clinic are much cheaper than in the USA and European countries.


The latest model technological medical devices are used. Before the operation, your hair is examined in detail by our valuable health team, and you are told everything about the process. The elements you need to do before the operation are told to you, and when you go to Turkey, your doctor will request the necessary tests from you. These can be tests such as blood tests, MR, and lung films. Then, the number of grafts to be transplanted is determined and the price is discussed in detail. Don’t worry, you’ll pay a more affordable price than many countries and you can enjoy Istanbul at the same time!