FUT Hair Transplant In Turkey

FUT Hair Transplant in Turkey is based on removing a skin strip from the back of the head and the donor area closed with stitches. The skin strip is then cut into individual follicular unit grafts under microscopes which is a very sophisticated procedure. This is why AEK Hair Clinic is the only clinic in Turkey that provides high quality FUT hair transplants.

FUT Hair Transplant In Turkey

Although FUE Hair Transplant is more preferred today, the FUT method is also successfully performed in AEK Hair Clinic. To take advantage of the FUT technique, you can contact us and ask all the questions you have in mind. Our medical team will pre-examine you and determine the number of grafts your hair needs. If the FUT technique is applied, the recovery time occurs at a faster pace. You can also see how professional we are by looking at the hair transplantation operations of our former patients from our social media accounts.
FUT requires extensive surgical training of the surgeon and the surgical team. It requires expertise to remove the skin strip without transecting follicles at the wound edges and close the wound in a way that causes minimal scarring. The graft dissection technique requires extensive training for years to master. A surgical team for FUT requires many of these well-trained technicians.

The advantages of FUT are:

  1. It provides the most robust and permanent grafts of the donor area.
  2. It usually provides more hair at once compared to FUE.
  3. Follicle transaction rate (wasted hairs) is lower than FUE.
  4. It is more effective in difficult hair types such as afro hair or very fine hair.
  5. It leaves the rest of the donor area untouched for future sessions and thus gives significantly more hair over multiple sessions compared to FUE alone.
  6. The scar is left within the densest portion of the donor area and therefore is camouflaged well
  7. It may be done without shaving the donor area.
  8. Since the grafts are collected in bulk rather than collected one by one, this method occurs quite quickly.
  9. If the donor area is insufficient, that is, even if there are not enough healthy hair follicles, the FUT technique can be applied to the patient.
  10. You do not need to shave your hair before this operation, it can also be transplanted without shaving.
  11. The FUT technique is a technique that can also be applied in eyebrow transplantation operations.
  12. The transplanted hair follicles grow faster because the grafts are separated from other tissue parts, so the channels opened for transplanting the hair in the area to be transplanted are also small. In this way, the risk of bleeding is also low.
  13. It doesn’t leave an open wound and therefore heals very fast.

Do FUT Hair Transplant Results Look Natural?

Yes, just like all hair transplantation methods, the FUT technique gives a very natural result. In fact, the FUT technique is a technique that has been used for many years. It is a technique that has been applied all over the world for more than 30 years. In the FUT method, hair follicles are removed from the donor area in a strip and transplanted into the part where there is no hair. However, in the mid-2000s, the FUT technique was now the second choice. Because FUE has started to be preferred more. Nevertheless, the FUT technique is still preferred today, and it is a technique that gives a very natural result.

What is the success rate of a FUT Hair Transplant?

According to the research, the success rate of the FUT technique used in hair attachment operations is determined as 95% to 98%.

Does hair grow back in the donor area after FUT Hair Transplant?

As it is known, hair follicles are taken from the donor area for hair transplantation operation. However, healthy hair follicles taken from the donor area do not grow back. Do not be afraid, though, the hair in the donor area does not become bald, it can only become very sparse. But since this donor area is usually on the side of the neck, your hair is quite lush.

How many times can a patient have a FUT Hair Transplant?

There is no limit to this operation. However, since FUT hair transplantation is a successful method, the problem of hair loss is prevented with a single operation. However, a maximum of 6000 grafts can be transplanted into a patient’s scalp.  The number of grafts performed is 6000.  If you choose a successful clinic, your hair transplantation operation will be successfully completed with an operation.


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