Hair Transplant For Women

Ali Emre Karadeniz is a plastic surgeon and hair transplant surgeon. He is the only American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery Certified Turkish plastic surgeon. He has performed over 3000 hair operations. He is an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

Female hair loss patients who don't have an underlying medical condition may be a good candidate for surgical hair restoration.

Hair Transplant For Women

Hair loss in women is a more complex topic than in men, because it is frequently associated with other medical conditions. The priority in female hair loss patients is to eliminate possible systemic diseases that will prevent a hair transplant from giving a good result, and to do a thorough laboratory analysis.

Since surgical hair restoration is based on taking hair follicles from an area with good density and with healthy and strong follicles, the priority is to find out if such a donor area actually exists. For this, the cause of hair loss should either be a local problem that doesn't effect all the hairs or it should be a systemic disease that has been cured and no longer effects the remaining follicles; otherwise a hair transplant will be doomed to failure.

Female hair loss that is not associated with systemic diseases can be presented in two different ways: It can either be male pattern baldness which means it will be seen as a receding of the hairline and thinning at the vertex or it can be female pattern which is seen as a diffuse thinning at the top of the head leaving the hairline intact. It is rarely as severe as males, thus hair transplant for women is usually aimed at increasing density at weakened areas.

As females usually cannot tolerate shaving and donor hair is not as strong as in males (FUE causes a higher transection rate when the donor area is not very strong), the FUT or FUSS method is almost always preferable. FUE can be used when there is no skin laxity available.

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