Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

A hair transplant may cost anywhere between 1000 EUR – 10000 EUR in the world. Hair transplants obviously are labor and the price of labor is determined by the quality in this labor. The quality is the education, the qualifications and the hours of work of the people who actually create this labor. We provide world-class hair transplantation for reasonable prices.

All Inclusive AEK Hair Clinic Hair Transplant Prices In 2019*

AEK Hair Clinic
FUE Package

FUE is the individual harvesting of follicular unit grafts. The most important determinant of the quality of FUE is the training and skills of the surgical team that is doing it.

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AEK Hair Clinic
FUT Package

FUT is a very sophisticated technique that requires extensive surgical training by the surgeon and technicians, which is why this technique isn’t available in most Turkish clinics. This technique provides the best quality grafts while causing minimal scarring. Get Prices
* All packages include the following services:
  • 2 nights accommodation at 5-star hotel
  • VIP airport pick-up service
  • Translator for the surgical day if non-English speaking patient
  • Food and drinks during the surgical procedure
  • All necessary medication
  • Shampoo and moisturiser for aftercare
  • Camouflage hat

There are custom-made hair transplant treatments performed by Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz (Dr.K). Surgical options may include FUE, FUT, FUT+FUE Combined, Female Hair Transplant, Body Hair Transplant (BHT), Beard Transplant, Eyebrow Transplant, Unshaven Hair Transplant, Long Hair Transplant and Hair Transplant Repair. Contact our clinic if you want to find out about other options.

All Our Prices Include 2-Nights Accommodation At A 5-Star Hotel Near Our Clinic

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Hair restoration is the only solution to achieve a satisfactory result for baldness. In recent years Turkey became the most popular country for having a hair transplant for many reasons. Follow the link above to learn more about having a hair transplant in Turkey and why you should choose AEK Hair Clinic and Dr. Karadeniz.

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