Guarantee For Hair Transplants?

Is guarantee possible in hair transplant? In hair transplants we do permanent changes on the human body that cannot be replaced or taken back. We move tissue to another place permanently.


There’s a question that I frequently encounter and I’m going to try to answer that question: “Do you give guarantee for your hair transplants?”


Is It Possible?


Hair transplants are service and within this service we do permanent changes on the human body that cannot be replaced or taken back. We remove tissue, we move it to another place permanently. If we waste some of those tissues, these are permanently gone. In this type of service, it is not possible to talk about guarantee. Guarantee – or warranty – is something you can talk about for example when you buy an electronic instrument. If I buy a mobile phone and if this mobile phone doesn’t work I can change this in its warranty period. It can be fully replaced with a new one with the same specifics. If a have a car and a problem occurs, the service can fix the problem within the warranty and the problem can be fixed for good.

If something bad happens when we have a hair transplant or if this hair transplant fails or it gives an unnatural result or donor hairs are wasted this is permanent and you can’t take it back. This is why we would not be able to give guarantee in hair transplants even if we wanted to. In other words even if we did give guarantee it would have no value. I’ve seen many patients who have had a poor transplant (a poor result with an unnatural appearance, poor growth, donor depletion, hairs wasted, scarring) and have a guarantee paper in their hands that were given by the clinic, they’re asking for help. I’ve asked them oftentimes, “Okay, you receive this guarantee certificate, what are you supposed to do with this guarantee certificate? I mean how are you going to take back what happened? How are you going to bring back the lost hairs?” This is not possible.


Guarantee in hair transplant procedures doesn’t work, it has no value. In fact, I find it quite unethical that clinics offer this type of guarantee certificate because there’s no law behind it. For instance, if you got a poor hair transplant and you take that guarantee certificate, you can’t use it to go to court, it’s not evidence or anything. It’s not like the warranties you’ve given by companies when you buy an electronic instrument. It doesn’t protect you against any lawsuit or anything. Even if it did, you’d only be looking for financial compensation because it’s not possible to fix that problem or revert back what happened.


Responsibility Instead of Guarantee


So what do we do? We take care of our patients at AEK Hair Clinic in Turkey. That means we do the best possible transplant, then we follow up until we see the results or hear from the patient and then we accept responsibility. I use “responsibility” instead of “guarantee”.


Responsibility means that we feel fully responsible for what we’ve done and the results. In case a problem occurs we will make every effort to solve this problem. If it’s going to be fixed with another surgery we will do another surgery for free. If we can’t fix it, we’ll accept it, we’ll give the patients money back. But this is not a written agreement, it’s my personal decision that I say “I feel responsible for what I do to my patients” and so my word is much more important than a piece of paper that doesn’t even have any signature or anything official.




In summary, do we give guarantee for our hair transplants? No, we don’t have guarantee, we have responsibility, we feel responsible for what we do, which means we’re not going to disappear if a problem occurs, we’re going be there to solve it.


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