Getting The Best Hair Transplant Price

In fact, you can have a hair transplant in the world for any price. If you ask me “What is your best price?” I will answer back “Tell me your budget and we will find you a hair transplant for that price”.

Hair Transplant PriceI’m going to make a comment about a frequently asked question: “What is your best price?”

There is a problem with this question. Since hair transplant surgery is labor and not a product, there’s no such thing as a best price. If you’re going to buy a product, there’s a determined price by the manufacturer and every seller adds a certain profit on it. The sellers can decrease that profit to a certain level, therefore you can talk about a best price where you can buy it.

But when we are talking about labor or service – in this case, it is a hair transplant – there is no such thing as the best price. In fact, you can have a hair transplant in the world for any price. If you ask me “What is your best price?” I will answer back “Tell me your budget and we will find you a hair transplant for that price”. There is no limit to where you can lower the standards. I recently heard that there are hair transplants in Turkey being done for 200 Euros.

I’d like to explain it by an example: Let’s say we give you an offer for a hair transplant and we give you a price. You want to reduce that price by 200 Euros. I can easily do that by reducing the costs 200 Euros. For instance, the storage solution we use to preserve the grafts – which we believe it preserves grafts the best – in our clinic in Istanbul costs a couple of hundred Euros per liter. We use that solution not because it’s a medical obligation, it’s because we believe it puts more quality. If I want, I can “not use it”, I can use just water or saline solution and we can reduce the cost by that amount.

There are unlimited ways that a hair transplant’s quality can be lowered: you can just reduce the amount of “doctor works, you can reduce the amount of hours that is put into it, you can reduce the quality instruments and products that have to be spent in the procedure and you can lower the price or the cost of a hair transplant.

Therefore, I believe there’s no such thing as the best price. Sometimes I will answer back by saying “Are you looking for the best price or are you looking for the best treatment in Turkey?”. How can it be that you get the best treatment for the best price? It’s not possible.

It is actually tricking yourself when you ask what the best price is. Because, you’re pretending that you are going get the same quality for cheaper, that’s never going to happen. When the price is reduced, some quality will be taken out.

If I reduce my price when you ask me “what is your best price?” it means that I was ripping you off when I gave you a higher price in the first place. If I were honest with my price initially I should not be reducing my price. If I’m reducing my price I should do that only because I’m going to take some of the quality out. If some patients are paying for the true price, these patients must not be punished. If some patients ask for a “best price” and get a price reduction, there should be something taken out so that’s why they’re paying less; if we are all honest and assuming we must be. We must all be sincere and honest with what we do.

I think “what is your best price?” is not a very good question to ask and it opens up roads of being unethical or doing harmful things. When you ask someone “what is your best price?” either they will refuse to reduce their price or they will reduce the price but they will reduce the quality in a hidden way that you don’t know it. Which one would you prefer? When you ask that question would you want the clinic to lower the price, lower the quality without you knowing it or just say “sir, this is our price and if you don’t want to pay it, there are cheaper clinics”?

I tried to give you an overview about how I feel and what I see inside when there are some questions or comments, there’s some depth into the subject.


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