Antonio Conte’s Hair Transplant


Hair transplantation is a treatment method applied by many people who have hair loss problems. With this procedure, new hair follicles are transplanted in areas with baldness and rarity. It gives a highly accurate result. Recently, the number of people who have this procedure among celebrities has increased considerably. Many names followed by millions, especially players and football players, prefer to have a hair transplant for a new hairstyle. One of them is Antonio Conte. Continue reading our article to learn the details about Antonio Conte hair transplant.

Who Is Antonio Conte?


Antonio Conte is a former Italian international footballer and manager of Premier League side Chelsea. Conte started his football career at his hometown club Lecce and made his Serie A debut in 1985. In 1992, he moved to Juventus. He then captained Alessandro Del Piero until he shone in the team. After Del Piero’s injury in the 1998-1999 season, Conte returned to captaincy and reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League.


In the 2002–2003 season, he reached the Champions League final with the club, but lost to Milan on penalties. He ended his active football career in 2004. With the Italy national football team, he participated in the 1994 FIFA World Cup and the 2000 European Football Championship. As a manager, he won the Serie A championship with Juventus in the 2011–2012, 2012–2013 and 2013–2014 seasons.

Why Antonio Conte Wanted to Have a Hair Transplant?


Antonio Conte did not make any statements about the details of the hair transplant. So it’s unlikely that we know exactly when. But if we search through his photographs from 2000, we can easily notice that he had an accelerated hair with a shaved head, followed by hair growth where he had never been before. In addition, the first hair transplantation was not very successful. Conte had a hairline that didn’t look good again in 2007. He then began to shave his entire head. Even the actor’s fans were divided on this issue. The first group of fans asked her to grow her hair long. Others thought he was more handsome than ever before. There were even those who said that she looked like a supermodel. Conte flew to Canada to have his second hair transplant.


In addition, it takes at least a year to see the results of hair transplantation. So we can never be sure if Conte’s last hair transplant was really or not. But for now, she seems to have achieved her goal of growing her hair back.

When Did Antonio Conte Get Hair Transplant?


There is no information about when Antonio Conte had a hair transplant. Because he did not make any statement about it. However, when we look at the photos before and after, we can see the results very clearly at least a year has passed since the hair transplantation. It takes a year for a hair transplant process to give a final result. Therefore, if we consider the fact that Conte also had full results, we can guess that he had the hair transplant at least a year ago.


In addition, he has obviously paid great attention to what needs to be considered after hair transplantation. Because Conte’s hair transplant looks very successful. In such a success, it is of great importance that the patient follows the instructions in the post-procedure period.

What Should Be Considered After Hair Transplant?


As with all medical techniques that have an effect on the human body, there are many factors that affect the success of the treatment in hair transplantation and it is possible to reach the optimum result by evaluating each of them in its own way. Therefore, at this stage, making brief evaluations about each of the answers given to the question ‘What should be considered after hair transplantation?’ will be a correct approach in terms of subject integrity and functioning.


The most important thing you need to do after the hair transplantation process is to protect the transplantation area from the impacts that may come for the first 15 days.  In this way, you can prevent damage to the hair follicles. When you go to bed in the evening, your hair follicles should not touch the head of the bed, the duvet or the pillow. You can also lie on your back on the area where the hair follicle is removed. It’s even better to sleep on a sitting couch with a simple inflatable pillow to fill your neck for the first few days.


For the first 10 days, choose to wear clothes that are open-fronted. These can be shirts, cardigans or zippered sweaters. Inside the house, you can hit your head against tools and devices such as combi boilers or sconces hanging on the wall, pay attention. When leaning over the floor and buying something, pay attention to whether there are open doors, windows, sofas. There is a high probability of hitting your head, especially when getting in and out of the car, and on public transport. Here you need to take maximum care.

Antonio Conte Hair Transplant Price


In Canada and most European countries, hair transplantation costs are calculated per graft. However, it is known that clinics charge around 3-4 GBP per graft. So for 3,000 grafts to be transplanted, you need to pay a total of 9,000-12,000 GBP. We don’t know Conte’s number of grafts. Therefore, we do not know how much he paid for the transaction. But apparently it has around 3,500-4,000 grafts. This probably fixed the cost at around 12,000-13,000 GBP.


Prices are an important consideration in hair transplantation processes. Prices vary according to the technique and how much transplantation will be made to the patient. On average, it is appropriate to transplant up to 3000 hair follicles in one session. Prices are calculated on this session.


Pricing varies depending on the technique used. However, with the realization of the procedure, the desired results are obtained in the patients. These vary depending on each hospital. The method of treatment and the patient’s condition also determine the prices. Recently there are different techniques in terms of planting techniques. These techniques also have an impact on prices. Some methods are classical methods and some methods are simpler methods that have emerged recently.

Final Results of Antonio Conte Hair Transplant


When we look at Antonio Conte’s before and after photos, we can see that his results are very successful. However, the faster the body repairs the wound, the faster it accepts and lengthens the transplanted hair. Taking care of the roots when placing the hair also affects this situation. Proper placement of hair follicles is of course the factor that most affects the result of hair transplantation.


When we look at the results of Antonio Conte hair transplantation, we see that the procedure performed on him is very successful. This shows that their wounds heal very quickly. However, the patient’s hair transplantation results develop in different ways in different individuals. Some factors play a role in why these differences occur. These factors are important issues as they affect the success rate of the procedure.


In particular, in order to increase the positive outcome, the patient must do everything that falls on him. After regaining her hair, she should not neglect her care. If the hair has previously fallen out and worn out any disease factor rather than natural causes, it should apply to the relevant unit and have all the necessary treatments done in order to eliminate these disease factors and not to encounter the same result.

In Summary


One of the most important elements that determine the external appearance is the hairstyle. That’s why many people care about the health and shape of their hair. Especially if you’re a celebrity admired by millions, this may be a little more important to you. Antonio Conte is one of those celebrities. He had a hair transplant Turkey to eliminate the problem of baldness after the hair loss he experienced. But Conte has nothing to report on this. For this reason, there is no exact information about the hair transplantation process.


There are multiple factors that cause hair loss. Among the three most obvious causes are age, genetics and hormones. Androgenetic hair loss, which is affected by a combination of androgen hormones and genetics, begins in the 30s, sometimes earlier. It is often called male pattern hair loss and occurs with the withdrawal of the forehead line in men. It affects 20% of women and is partially observed in the top area of shedding. For both breeds, baldness is a big problem. Facing the risk of baldness, especially at a young age, can lead to mental problems that can lead people to depression.


Hair transplantation is considered the most effective solution in the fight against this common hair problem. As we have seen in Antonio Conte’s new style, this treatment is quite effective. The success rates in hair transplantation operations are not affected much by the transplantation technique, provided that the most appropriate method is chosen for the patient’s condition.