Hair Transplant Before After

When it comes to “hair transplant before after”, visuals and comparison of photographs before and after the procedure are usually considered. However, instead you need to keep in mind the things that should be avoided and done before and after the procedure.


FUE hair transplant and Sapphire hair transplant procedures themselves are as important as the preparations before and after FUE and sapphire hair transplant before after the procedure. However, only photographs with obvious and excellent results are considered exemplary. For this reason, instead of photographs, we recommend that you focus more on issues such as careful planning in advance, following some medical advice and good care.


What is done in the hair transplant before after processes?


The first decision to be made before sapphire and FUE hair transplant is which doctor to have this procedure. It is important that you find a surgeon who is experienced in hair implantation. At the same time, your surgeon should be experienced in FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant. Otherwise, you are very likely to experience disappointment.


Before Hair Transplant Operation


Some important points should be considered before hair replacement. You should quit or reduce smoking. You need to stop drinking alcohol, caffeinated beverages and beverages such as green tea. If you are constantly taking medication due to your chronic diseases, you should definitely inform your specialist doctor about it. You should stay away from products such as hair products and lotions that you should leave about 1 month in advance.


On the day you will have hair transplant, there should be no jelly etc. products in your hair. You should choose a garment that you can easily put on and take off. Otherwise, if it rubs against your head, you will face unexpected consequences. It is recommended that people who want to have hair implantation take care not to drive and therefore do not come alone. You need to be attentive at such points so that your thinned or lost hair becomes permanently tighter.


After Hair Transplant Operation


One of the most important points you should pay attention to after hair transplantation is not to hit or rub your head somewhere. After this operation, the number of patients who lose some of their grafts by hitting their head or turning in their sleep is quite high. However, after the operation, it takes about a week for the grafts to attach to the scalp.We recommend that you be very sensitive during this time. Protect your head from impacts and try to sleep in the sleeping position recommended to you. For this, you can get support from a neck pillow.


Rest the first night after the procedure. We do not recommend that you go shopping or get lost in the city life. When you go out during the healing process, protect the transplanted area from the sun with the help of an umbrella. Find out what medications are given to you before you leave AEK Hair Clinic. Make sure you fully understand the prescription of medications.


Do not use a different solution to moisturize your hair until the first wash after hair transplant surgery. Because your doctor will give you an isotonic solution. Learn how to wash your hair during the healing process. The first washing after hair transplantation is done at AEK Hair Clinic 48 hours after the operation.


Does Hair Transplantation Give Effective Results?


We know that hair transplantation gives effective results. However, for this, it must be carried out by a specialist physician. However, you should take into account the recommendations of the physician for what should be considered before and after hair transplantation. If these occur, it is possible to say that hair transplantation application gives effective results.


If the hair transplantation process is performed by experts and under professional conditions, significant differences are observed between before and after hair transplantation. At the beginning of these differences, the person reaches a natural bushy hair appearance. For this reason, the results of hair transplantation make people very satisfied. It also allows them to gain an aesthetic appearance. This application, which offers permanent solutions for people with hair loss and baldness complaints, has become quite common.


How Do You Choose the Best Hair Transplant Clinic?


Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. Before the sapphire hair transplant procedure, inform your doctor about the medications you use or your chronic diseases. Do not mislead the surgical team that will perform FUE hair transplantation with the relevant information. If you do this, you could risk your hair transplant result and, more importantly, your life.


If you regularly use blood thinners, you should stop these medications at least a week before the operation. Otherwise, excessive bleeding during the procedure is likely. This situation adversely affects the result. Your doctor will tell you how many days after surgery you will start taking your medications.


In addition to these, there are some points that you should pay attention to when choosing the best hair transplantation clinic. We have listed these important details for you.


  • Look at the history, brand awareness, work and references of the hospital or clinic you choose.
  • The details of the main headings are very important. In particular, it is important that the warranty or certificate is wet signed with a written stamp and that it documents how many grafts have been transplanted and dated in your name.
  • Find out if in the clinic where you will go there is a rest room where you can rest after planting.
  • Ask if there are sterile operation rooms.
  • Pay attention to this detail, as the hair transplant center must be approved by the Ministry of Health.

Why is Hair Transplantation Preferred?


Today, many people are looking for a solution for their hair that is lost by genetic factors or environmental factors. Images before and after hair transplantation show that this procedure is very effective on hair loss and baldness.


Before and after hair transplant is one of the frequently mentioned issues. It is still preferred today. It is certain that this procedure, which is performed by many people, gives effective results. And it is also seen in the photos of celebrities before and after hair transplantation. This operat ion is also preferred by celebrities and gives an aesthetic appearance. For this reason, its popularity is increasing day by day.


Is Hair Transplant Procedure Painful?


People who encounter problems such as hair loss and thinning are looking for effective solutions for these problems. When the images before and after hair transplantation are examined, it is possible to say that this method shows an effective result. For this, people wonder whether this method is a painful procedure.


Anesthesia is applied during the hair transplantation process. For this reason, the answer to the question of whether hair transplantation hurts is that it is a painless method. The pain and ache felt after the procedure is also mild and can be easily relieved with painkillers. For this reason, people who want to have hair transplantation can choose this method with peace of mind.


Get information about the process from your doctor before hair transplantation. Find out if the operation will be performed under sedation. However, learn what kind of treatment to apply after the operation. In this way, the possibility of experiencing pain complaints in the process is minimized.




Patients taking minoxidil also have a risk of excessive bleeding. Therefore, to avoid this risk, you need to discontinue the drug at least a week before the operation. Patients using tablets can start taking the drug immediately after the hair implantation. However, this should be under the control of a doctor. Patients who use topical forms of the blood thinners can take their medication two weeks after the operation.


Clinics that perform hair transplant in Turkey may not accept patients infected with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV according to the characteristics of the operating rooms. If you are sure that you do not have one of these diseases in your country, come to Turkey for hair transplant.


If you have one of these diseases, it becomes very difficult to choose a clinic that has a suitable operating room for you and can accept you. At the same time, in this case, you will encounter problems such as going to another country and returning without taking advantage of any service.


Most people who experience hair loss use multivitamin supplements to address this problem. But multivitamins contain an increased risk of bleeding. For this reason, we recommend that you stop supplements containing vitamin B and vitamin E one week before FUE hair transplant.


You should sleep well before sapphire FUE hair transplant However, we recommend that you have a good breakfast. This way you can easily get through a tiring day. Washing the scalp before sapphire hair transplantation reduces the risk of infection. For this reason, take a shower in your hotel before the hair transplantation operation and go to the operation with your hair clean.


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