Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)


PRP, is a treatment frequently used to treat hair loss and in combination with a hair transplant. It is done by taking some blood from the patient, centrifuging it using a special kit, purifying a small amount of plasma that is rich of platelets and injecting it to the area that needs the treatment. Although it may have benefits in selected cases and when done properly, scientific studies have shown mixed results and there is no evidence that PRP is beneficial in treating male pattern baldness.

It is unfortunate that PRP is mostly used as a marketing strategy by clinics, aimed at either making extra money directly or by increasing hair transplant sales by offering PRP for free. Clinics that offer PRP for free mostly do fake PRP by injecting only water or injecting the blood without using a concentration kit. When the blood is centrifuged without using a special kit, the result is usually platelet poor plasma (PPP), which is harmful instead of being useful.

When used in female hair loss, PRP has shown some benefits especially when combined with micro-needling. Although the benefits may be temporary, a visible improvement can be seen after repetitive treatments.

PRP is provided as an optional treatment and always done using a professional concentration kit at AEK Hair Clinic and is often combined with micro-needling.

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