Our Values


It is our priority to establish trust with our patients.


We don't see our patients as customers who we are trying to sell a standard product. Our potential patients are only accepted if we honestly believe we can solve their problems; if we feel that we cannot, we will freely admit it and recommend other options.


We put ourselves in the position of our patients; we never do treatments that we would not have done to ourselves.


After an overall assessment of each potential patient we formulate a long term treatment plan that does not only fix the problem at hand but also keeps options open for possible future interventions.


We only offer treatments that have proven effects and are widely accepted in the scientific world of hair surgery and we do not offer methods that have more marketing value than treating a problem. We are open to including any treatment that has proven benefits however we will never abandon a treatment method with proven results for a new method, without any scientific evidence of benefits.


We keep constantly in touch with the best of new techniques and instruments that can enhance surgical results. We are active members of scientific organisations and constantly attend scientific meetings for the latest discoveries.


We always make sure that every part of every treatment is taken care by a professional who is not only licensed to do it but is also trained and experienced enough to do the best in a variety of situations.


We are aware that no guarantee can be given in medical procedures and we find it unethical to claim a guarantee could be given. However, we strictly believe in 'responsibility'. This means that we will make every effort to give our patients the best result possible and we will do our best to fix a problem if it occurs. Read more about hair transplant guarantee.

Our Values

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