Nitrousoxide Analgesia System

Nitrousoxide Analgesia System

Multiple dermal injections are required when performing hair transplant surgery and other hair loss treatments. These injections may cause considerable pain and discomfort for patients. Some patients are so concerned about these injections that they even avoid having the treatment.

Some hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer solutions that are not scientific and do not work such as needle-free anesthesia. At AEK Hair Clinic we only offer techniques and technologies that are scientifically proven and safe. Neurovibration is one of these techniques that we use to reduce discomfort during injections.

Nitrousoxide analgesia system is a revolutionary technology frequently used at dental, dermatology, plastic surgery and gynecology clinics. It is based on using a 50/50 mixture of nitrous-oxide and oxygen that prevents discomfort and even causes a tendency to laugh during treatment procedures. Injections that otherwise may be painful will not be a problem at all using this technology. We bet you are going to love it!

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