How Things Work

The fact that there are very few professional hair clinics in the world that provide state of the art procedures and that the costs of having a hair transplant being very high in some countries, encourage patients to search for a suitable clinic abroad. However we are aware that it is not easy for a patient to go to a country with a very different culture, standard of health care and language and to have a surgical treatment.

Below is the step-by-step explanation of the system we use to ensure we give you the best service:

  • 1. We get back to our patients who have sent us an inquiry as soon as possible.
  • 2. We ask our patients to send us good quality photos of their own that represents their current situation. We explain how to take good photos and send samples for this purpose. We take a detailed history about previous surgeries, chronicle diseases and medication taken.
  • 3. Once we contact our patients and receive their photos, we offer them a live online consultation or a voice message consultation with our doctor so that the patient can be face to face, see each other's body language, answer questions and give detailed information on treatment options and expected outcomes.
  • 4. We offer live testimonials by patients who have previously had a treatment at our clinic.
  • 5. After establishing trust with our patients and agreeing on a treatment plan we offer to do all the arrangements.
  • 6. We provide airport pickup service.
  • 7. We accommodate our patients at luxury hotels that are walking distance from our clinic.
  • 8. We provide translation service for non-English speaking patients.
  • 9. We redo the consultation prior to the operation to make sure if any adjustments to the surgical plan are needed and all questions are answered. We once again summarize the steps of the procedure.
  • 10. We provide our patients with food and drinks during the day of operation.
  • 11. After the procedure is finished we instruct our patients on the aftercare and provide them with recommendations for the optimal result.
  • 12. We make sure that our patients safely get on board their return flights.
  • 13. We follow up on our patients to hear that they get the expected result and help them with any questions or problems that they may have during the healing process.

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How Things Work

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