Xherdan Shaqiri’s Hair Transplant

A tweet by a football journalist and the controversy surrounding Xherdan Shaqiri having a hair transplant surfaced. This was the period after the famous actor said goodbye to Reds. What caught the attention in Kopites’ tweet was the Xherdan Shaqiri hair transplant.


Who Is Xherdan Shaqiri? 


Xherdan Shaqiri is a Swiss footballer of Kosovo descent. He currently plays for MLS club Chicago Fire. He won the Champions League with Bayern Munich and Liverpool. Born in Gilan, a province of Kosovo to parents of Albanian descent, he immigrated to Switzerland with his family. He started his career with the SV Augst amateur team and continued in the youth system of FC Basel. FC Basel participated with the youth team in the 2007 Under-15 Nike Cup, where he was named the best player of the tournament. After this promising successful performance, he chose to stay at FC Basel, although he attracted the attention of many European giants. On 2 January 2009, he signed his first professional contract with FC Basel.


He made his professional debut for FC Basel on 12 July 2009 in the season-opening match of the league against FC St. Gallen. On 9 November 2009, he scored the first goal of his professional career in a 4–1 victory over Neuchâtel Xamax. As the 2009–2010 season drew to a close, Shaqiri enjoyed league and cup victories with his team. In the 2010-2011 season, he again shared the league championship victory.


On 9 February 2012, he signed a four-year contract with Bundesliga side Bayern Munich, effective 1 July 2012. And on 8 January 2015, he joined Serie A side Inter from Bayern Munich and signed a 4.5-year contract with the Italian side. On 12 August 2015, for EUR 17 million; He signed with Premier League club Stoke City. On February 9, 2022, Shaqiri was transferred to Major League Soccer club Chicago Fire FC on a contract that would continue as a Designated Player for the 2024 season. With a reported fee of €6.5 million, it was the most expensive transfer in Chicago Fire history.


Why Xherdan Shaqiri Wanted to Have a Hair Transplant?


Generally, only 25% of men start losing their hair before the age of 21 due to male pattern baldness. Unfortunately, Xherdan Shaqiri also suffered from this condition. The young footballer’s hair began to fall out at an early age. As a result of chronic hair loss, she faced the problems of baldness and sparseness. To get rid of this image that distorts her external appearance, Shagiri decided to have a hair transplant.


For every person, his external appearance is very important. Especially for a celebrity known to millions, this situation becomes even more important. Since Shagiri was one of them, she felt the need to change her hairstyle. Because unless we intervened, the baldness rate increased. However, he may also face the problem of complete baldness in the future. Therefore, the young footballer preferred to be treated before it was too late. The treatment he chose was hair transplantation, which was the definitive solution to hair loss.


What Kind of Hair Transplant Did Xherdan Shaqiri Have?


Xherdan Shagiri hair transplantation, in general, when we look at the photos, we can guess that it is done with the FUE technique. FUE method is one of the most used methods by hair transplantation specialists. Hair transplant specialists primarily perform hair analysis of patients who apply for hair transplantation. Thus, the structure and quality of the hair, the intensity of the shedding, the quality of the hair follicles in the donor area where the hair will be removed are determined. Later, if it is decided that the patient is suitable for the FUE method, which is the abbreviated form of Follicular Unit Extraction, the procedure is started. The most important advantage of the FUE method is that the patient’s hair looks natural after the procedure.


FUE can be applied to anyone over 18 years of age. Anyone who has hair loss and hair loss problems is suitable for hair transplantation. However, especially if patients have an additional skin disease, the procedure may not give the expected result. Patients with any additional diseases are first directed to the relevant area. It is estimated by the experts who examine the photographs that Shagiri also had hair transplantation with this method.


How was Shagiri Hair Transplant Noticed?


It was the footballer’s fans who noticed this. In addition, during the match on the field, it was easily noticed that the gaps in the hairline of the footballer, which had previously appeared in the front area, were no longer available. However, it is known that the famous footballer never shaved his head. Especially since it received a zigzag pattern along the hairline, people could see the new hair growing from miles away.


How Many Hair Grafts Did Shaqiri Hair Transplant Need?


Shagiri’s hair loss occurred predominantly in the 1-2 area along the hairline. Using a graft calculator we can find out how many grafts it has taken. The conclusion we reached with the calculator is that at least 1600 grafts are needed for such a hair transplant. Usually, the hair does not need to be completely shaved for this number of graft transplants. Instead, your doctor will only shave your donor area and hairline. However, this applies only to the fact that the person does not experience excessive baldness.


When Did Xherdan Shaqiri Get Hair Transplant?


To answer this question, we only need to look at the player’s hair during his FC Basel days. During this period, you will see the footballer’s hairline retract. When we look at the time at Bayern Munich, you can easily see that hair loss has progressed further. An “M” shape is formed along the front hairline. However, you will notice hair loss on the temples. This corresponds to stages 1-3 of the Norwood (NW) scale. Some people may also have trouble dilution at the apex of the scalp in stage 3. However, with Xherdan Shaqiri’s hair, the situation was a little different.


Xherdan Shaqiri Hair Transplant Price


Hair transplantation prices may be different in hair transplantation centers or clinics. The most important issue in this process is the number of graft roots to be transplanted. The next stage is the choice of which hair transplantation method to use. Hair transplantation prices in Europe vary between 3000 Euros and 10.000 Euros on average. In addition, prices are determined according to these price ranges in other countries. The hair transplant prices Xherdan Shaqiri hair transplantation can also be in these ranges.


Has Xherdan Shaqiri Confirmed His Hair Transplant? 


No. It’s definitely not binding on him. However, we respect the player’s choice to do so. At the same time, there is no doubt that the actor has undergone hair transplant surgery. When we drop the before/after photos, it takes us a few seconds to understand everything. The actress suffered from male pattern baldness. Therefore, there is no treatment for this problem other than Minoxidil and Finasteride that can help hair growth.


Footballers are stars recognized by the whole world. They’re like the beating heart of their fans. Therefore, all eyes are always on them. When you’re in the stadium, if there’s anything more important than the hair on the head, it’s the legwork. However, this isn’t the only reason that makes a player a star. When they look at themselves through the eyes of the camera, they want to feel very good about their appearance.


When you think about it, if you are afraid to think that there is some shame associated with hair transplantation, this will help you normalize the surgery. However, hair loss disappoints many men. It doesn’t matter if they’re famous or ordinary people. At the same time, having a hair transplant is a personal choice. No one can judge anyone on this. Nor is it obligated to make any comments.


In Conclusion


If you are wondering if Xherdan Shaqiri has a hair transplant, the answer to the question is yes. But if he had chosen a better clinic for surgery, the results would probably have been better. The reason for this is that the results of hair transplantation do not look natural at the moment. The footballer began to experience hair loss due to baldness in his early 20s. Unfortunately, this came at the time when the player’s career began.


When you look at the earlier photos of the actor, you will notice that the hairline has decreased significantly. This is the process until you finally have a hair transplant around the age of 28. Immediate hair transplantation is not recommended in order to more precisely “settle” the pattern of androgenetic alopecia. For this, it is generally recommended to perform hair transplantation over the age of 25. Still, the skill and experience of the surgeon is instrumental in the results. However, how closely the patient follows the post-care instructions can affect the results of the surgery. Depending on this, the results of the surgery may be positive or negative.


The famous actress now has a better hairstyle than before.