Rob Holding’s Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation procedures used to be done much more quietly. But now the situation is a little different from this. Nowadays, many footballers and players get a better look by having this procedure. Especially in recent years, the issue of whether some footballers have had hair transplants or not is quite remarkable. The new hairstyle of Gunners stopper Rob Holding, one of the footballers who had this procedure done, received full marks from those who saw it. However, unlike many people, Rob Holding certainly did not hesitate to talk about it. So, what do we know about the details of Rob Holding hair transplant? Read on to find out.


Baldness or sparse problems after permanent hair loss can even affect a person’s mental health. For people who are in the spotlight, it’s harder. Because mirrors are not the only ones that show their flaws. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world talk about how hair loss reduces self-esteem a lot. It is known that the famous footballer Holding also lacks self-confidence because of this. So, how did Holding’s transplant journey begin and how did it progress?


Who Is Rob Holding? 


Robert Samuel Holding is an English footballer who plays as a centre-back for Arsenal. Starting his football career at Bolton Wanderers youth team level, Holding made his professional debut in April 2015 while on loan at Bury. After one season, he played for Bolton’s first team and signed with Premier League club Arsenal in July 2016. With the club, he won the FA Cup and FA Community Shield. Holding was part of the England under-21 team at the Toulon Tournament in 2016.


Why Rob Holding Wanted to Have a Hair Transplant?


When you look at Rob Holding’s before and after photos, you will see a huge difference between these photos. In the photos beforehand, the Holding is seen to have a significant hair loss. However, the famous footballer was not always like this. When the former Bolton star joined the Arsenal club, he had a nice barnet. In fact, two years later, you may notice that he still has a good hairline. But in less than a year, you may start to see signs of baldness in the famous football player, resembling a pattern of androgenetic alopecia. This stage is usually a stage of severity 2A, which, according to the Norwood scale, is a stage with some hair still in the crown area.


Holding, whose hairstyle was in this way for a certain period of time, experienced intense hair loss that suddenly changed from 2A to 4A when he was 25 years old. Now that he has very sparse hair in the middle of his head, the footballer decided to take a step to change this appearance. For this, Rob Holding preferred the hair transplantation technique, which is the definitive solution in the treatment of hair loss. If the actor had not decided to have a hair transplant at this stage, there was a very high probability that he would face the problem of complete baldness.


When Did Rob Holding Get Hair Transplant?


In 2021, fans saw the Gunners midfielder with his head shaved off in pre-season. The hairline later changed, as can be seen from the photos. However, there is no photograph in which the new grafts transplanted by the Holding are fully visible. By the end of 2021, the actor’s hair had already grown. Moreover, it looked just like David Beckham’s hairstyle. In addition, the player is known to have this procedure done when he was 25 years old. If you have a hair loss problem due to a cause such as androgenetic alopecia pattern, the age range of 25-30 is a suitable period for hair transplantation.


Fans of the famous footballer were amazed by this new hairstyle. Moreover, the Holding was once nicknamed “Baldinho” just because of the hair loss. Now the actress looks much younger and more charismatic, with her new style.


How Many Grafts Does Rob Holding Need?


When we look at the before and after photos, we see that the footballer lost his hair in Zone 1-3. Rob Holding can take this into account to calculate the number of grafts required for hair transplantation. An average of 2,500 hair grafts are needed for such an area. For this reason, Rob Holding may have used this number of grafts on average for hair transplant.


In addition, if the Holding’s hair loss pattern had been determined exactly, the number of grafts could have changed. This is especially true for people who lost their hair in their 30s and later years. If this is also the case with the Holding, it may lose more hair from the back to the top. It may even leave bald patches behind. This causes their hair to look unnatural. Therefore, he would need another hair transplant. For such a procedure, you may also need around 700-800 grafts again.


Rob Holding Hair Transplant Price


You won’t see a linear mark on Rob Holding’s newly shaved head photos. For this reason, we can say that the type of hair transplantation he performs is FUE hair transplant. FUE hair transplantation leaves micro-wounds on the scalp that heal over time. However, these wounds are too small to be noticed from the outside.


There is no explanation from the footballer as to how much the transfer costs. However, in general, hair transplantation costs vary between £3500 and £10000, especially in London and America. Therefore, the young footballer may have had the hair transplant at a price at these intervals.


Has Rob Holding Confirmed His Hair Transplant? 


A share made by the footballer from his social media account clearly informs us about this issue. In her post, the footballer wrote: “I have struggled a lot with my hair and self-confidence as it is World Mental Health Day”. From this quote we can clearly understand that the player has given his consent for the transaction. In other words, it would not be wrong to think that World Mental Health Day encouraged the Holding to have hair transplantation. 


The lack of self-confidence experienced by the actor, who struggled with the problem of hair loss, pushed him to have this procedure. Even the famous footballer Aaron Ramsdale from Arsenal spoke about this issue during the FIFA 22 promotional interview. At the time, Rob Holding’s friend, looking at his 77-point card (which had his photo before the transplant), he said, “The hair transplant has done wonders!”


Final Results of Rob Holding Hair Transplant


When we look at the results, we see that Rob Holding’s hair transplantation process is quite successful. The footballer, who previously faced the risk of almost complete baldness, now has the best appearance. Her bushy and healthy hair made her look much younger than she was. Now, the hairline looks natural and well-groomed, drawing a soft curve.


It takes a year after the procedure to see the final result in hair transplantation procedures. If we can see Holding’s hair so lush, it has probably been a year since the hair transplant. Because the time needed for such a result is 12 months. However, those who do sports should stay away from this activity for a while after the procedure. Because sudden and rapid movements can damage the grafts. This adversely affects the results of hair transplantation. But Rob Holding seems to have already passed the stage of preserving its grafts. With her current hairstyle, the young soccer player looks great.


The talented Arsenal footballer is certainly not the first person to have a hair transplant. Apart from Rob Holding, David Silva, Antonio Conte, Xherdan Shaqiri, Andros Townsend, David Beckham and many others had this process done. The only thing that’s different is that these people haven’t confirmed that they’ve had a hair transplant.


In summary


Hair loss is a very difficult situation for everyone. But as someone who is known by millions of people, it can become much more difficult to experience such a problem. So much so that Rob Holding’s hair loss problem had a negative impact on his mental health. On top of that, the famous actress preferred hair transplantation, which is a definite treatment method to correct the problem. As can be understood from the photos, we estimate that Rob Holding hair transplantation technique is the FUE method. However, it seems that more than a year has passed since the transaction. Because it takes at least a year after the hair transplantation process to reach the Holding style.


In addition, if the footballer’s hair loss continues, it is possible to have a hair transplant again in the future. If it spreads to the crown area, it can have the same process done again. This condition is especially seen in the case of androgenetic alopecia. Age-related hair loss may occur after very young hair transplantation procedures. This naturally leads to the need for a new hair transplant procedure in the future.


The famous footballer, who ended his difficult process with this treatment, now has a wonderful hairstyle.