David Silva’s Hair Transplant


The issue of whether David Silva has a hair transplant has been wondered a lot lately. Those who have seen the famous footballer who has changed the hairstyle he has maintained for years cannot recognize him. So, did Silva have a hair transplant? If you are curious about the answer to this question and the details about David Silva hair transplant, continue reading our article.

Who Is David Silva?


David Silva is a retired footballer who currently plays for Real Sociedad in La Liga. He first started his football career in an amateur club called San Fernando. Silva, who developed himself here for 5 years, switched to Valencia’s infrastructure in 2000. The Spanish footballer, who found a place in the youth squad of his team for 3 seasons, had the opportunity to prove himself here. He was then promoted to Valencia B in the 2003–2004 season.


He played 14 times for the team during a season. However, he could only score 1 goal. In the 2004-2005 season, he started to play for Valencia’s A team. In his first season, he was sent on loan to Eibar to improve himself.


That season, he made 35 appearances with the team and scored 4 goals. The following season, he was loaned to Celta Vigo. There, he made 34 appearances for the team, netting 2 times. He then returned to Valencia for two seasons with his continuity and successful play. He eventually became one of the team’s unchangeable players.

Why David Silva Wanted to Have a Hair Transplant?


Visuality is very important in today’s age. Moreover, if you are a famous person known to millions, this situation becomes a little more important. The same is true for Premier League player Silva. The actress resorted to the hair transplant method to bring a permanent solution to the hair loss problem she was experiencing.


If you’re as famous as David Silva, you won’t be able to hide details about yourself. The actor’s hair was long before “El Mago”s FUE hair transplant. But then his fans saw him on the pitch with his head shaved. On closer inspection, the discoloration of his head was easily noticeable. Among those who noticed him were his fans. Fans of the famous footballer immediately noticed the discoloration of Silva’s scalp, who played on the field.


There are many photos of the actor taken in 2017. In this photo, you can clearly see the new hairline and the boundaries of the area where it is transplanted. If you have information about hair transplantation, you will understand that the first thing you should pay attention to is red skin on the front and both sides of the hair. These red colors indicate that the skin is in the process of healing. In a short period of 3-4 weeks, the color change returns to normal. However, this period differs according to your skin’s response to trauma.

How Did Fans Know He Had a Hair Transplant?


As we mentioned above, at the very beginning, the images of the player on the field in a match were a sign that he had a hair transplant. Fans understood that the actor had this procedure done because of the color change in his scalp. There were many comments for the actor, who was suddenly on the agenda on social media. In particular, the appearance of red skin on the front and both sides of the actor’s hair proved that he had this procedure.

When Did David Silva Get Hair Transplant?


It is not known exactly when the player had this procedure done. However, if we look at the new images, we can understand that at least 1 year has passed since this process. Because after a hair transplant, you need 12 months for full recovery. It may also take you a year and a half to see the final results. When we look at David Silva’s photographs, we see that he has achieved certain results. For this reason, it is certain that the famous player may have had this procedure done at least a year ago.

How Long Is the Healing Process of Hair Transplantation?


Hair transplantation is a process that is completed in exactly one year with the pre- and post-transplantation process. After the hair transplantation operation, reddening and crusting, scab shedding and shock shedding processes take place. These processes are completely normal. It takes a year for all the transplanted hair to grow and the success of the treatment to be fully apparent.


Crusting: hair transplantation is performed by transplanting grafts taken from the donor area to the target area one by one. After this procedure, rashes appear on the skin. After the operation, crusting occurs in the healing process of this area. The formed crusts are poured up to fifteen days.


Shock loss process: one to three months after the peels are shed, the shock spillage phase is experienced. The remaining parts of the hair transplanted with shock hair on the skin are shed and new hair strand production begins. The hair follicles transplanted during the shock shedding phase are not damaged.

Which Technique Is Used for David Silva’s Hair Transplant?


David Silva hair transplantation, in general, when we look at the photos, seems to be done with the FUE technique. In the FUE method, hair follicles taken from a specific area of the head are added to the non-hair areas. For this purpose, the hair in the area where the roots will be transplanted before hair transplantation is shortened to 1 mm before follicle removal. The healing process is very fast. It leaves behind microwounds. But you can’t see these micro-wounds when you look at them from the outside.


This technique was developed for individuals who dislike the idea of having extensive scarring. Using the FUE method, the treatment gives results in an average of 1 to 1.5 years. The most positive aspect of this treatment is that there are no cuts or stitches in the area where the hair was removed. There is very little pain after this surgery and the recovery time is quite quick. 

Is David Silva Hair Transplant Successful?


The failure rate of a hair transplantation procedure performed under the supervision of a doctor is low. In the transplantations performed in a competent hair transplantation center, the retention rate of the grafts is between 85% and 95%. Paying attention to sterilization conditions while applying the procedure, using fluids that support grafts such as thermasol, determining a good hair front line, applying the procedure by a trained team specialized in hair transplantation and following the doctor’s recommendations of the person whose hair is transplanted increase the chance of success of the operation.


It is understood that David Silva’s hair transplantation was performed in accordance with these conditions. Because their lush, healthy-looking hair reveals that the process is of good quality. The famous footballer now looks much more charismatic and cool than before.

How Much Is David Silva Hair Transplant?


Hair transplant prices are different everywhere. The factors that determine these prices are usually the quality of the center where the procedure will be performed and the experience of your doctor. In general, hair transplant prices in the UK start from 7,500 GBP. This price can go up to 30,000 GBP, depending on the clinic you choose and how many grafts are transplanted. Some rumors say that celebrities spend a lot more than that to get a better look. We do not know exactly how much David Silva spent on hair transplantation. But we can guess that he made a payment in this range.

Is the Cost Important in Hair Transplantation?


Hair transplantation prices are usually determined according to many factors such as hair transplant doctors, the neighborhood where the hospital is located, the medical materials used in the hair transplantation operation. The hair transplant cost turkey first criterion that people who are researching the price of hair transplantation should pay attention to is that the place where hair transplantation will be performed is a hygienic hospital environment instead of hair transplantation prices. In addition, it is very important that the doctor who will perform the hair transplantation operation is an expert in the field. Places other than the hospital environment should not be preferred because they are only affordable.


Hair transplant operation has risks like any surgical operation. You can read our hair transplantation risks article for the risks that may be encountered during hair transplantation operation. It should not be forgotten that successful results can be obtained only with hair transplantation operations performed under appropriate conditions by experts in the field.


As a result, the price element in hair transplantation also determines the quality. Therefore, it is very important. Davis Silva hair transplantation is not a cheap hair transplant when these criteria are taken into consideration. Because the grafts were transplanted in a very high quality way. Her new hair is also quite lush and has grown healthily. 


The famous footballer looks pretty cool and charismatic with her new hairstyle. When we look at his photographs, we understand what a right decision he made.