Andros Townsend’s Hair Transplant


Andros Townsend is one of those footballers who magically gets his hair back and pretends that there is a sacred ghost behind this change. But luckily there are photos! Looking at the 2017-2018 photos of the actor, we are almost certain that the Andros Townsend hair transplant definitely took place.


Who Is Andros Townsend? 


Andros Townsend is an English footballer. He plays for Premier League club Everton and plays in the midfield area. Andros Townsend, who is 181 cm tall and 77 pounds, uses his left foot. Townsend, who made 25 appearances in the top 11 this season, received 0 yellow cards and 0 red cards. Andros Townsend has 5 assists and 1 goal contribution this season.


With celebrities around the world, including global phenomena such as Lewis Hamilton, Elon Musk and Rafael Nadal, undergoing hair transplants, this treatment method has become very popular.


Andros Townsend is another potential celebrity on this list. Townsend is famous for being the author of the volley goal from 30 metres against Manchester City in December 2018. After that, the Premier League Goal of the Season was announced. He represents England as a national player. She also boasts stylized afro hair and a big, hard beard.


The naughty boy’s problems began before his hairline began to recede. In a way, we can say that getting your hair back is based entirely on a good procedure. Your job as a footballer is followed by millions of people who are watching you all the time. Interpreted.


It consists of confronting defenders who cut off legs and an authoritarian ruler. The only way to do this is to have confidence in yourself and solve any problems that affect your self-esteem.

Why Andros Townsend Wanted to Have a Hair Transplant?


The problem of male pattern baldness, called androgenic alopecia, is linked to testosterone production and an excess of DHT. DHT is a hormone responsible for male transformation. Among the most common effects is thickening the voice. Besides this, it includes growing body hair and increasing muscle mass. 


There is a downside to DHT. This is the negative side; the tonnage of the scalp provides hair loss in its middle and front parts. The actor’s father is also known to be bald. this suggests that his condition is due to a genetic cause. 


If you have male pattern baldness genetically, there’s not much you can do to fight it with diet or natural products. Despite this, Townsed didn’t expect her hair to slowly disappear. The famous footballer followed the example of his fellow players such as David Silva and David Beckham. In the end, she decided to have a hair transplant to be treated.


New technologies have led to the development of highly effective hair transplantation techniques. As a result, cases of balding as severe as Townsend’s have become completely curable. So are cases worse than that.

What Kind of Hair Transplant Did Andros Townsend Have?


When we look at the photos of the actor, it is understood that the hair transplantation technique used is FUE. FUE hair transplantation is one of the two basic methods of obtaining hair follicle transfer. In this method, which has been applied since 2004, hair follicles are taken from the donor area one by one. Then it is made ready for planting. From the back of the hair to the micromotor tissue of 0.7-1 mm, the roots are taken one by one with their numbered ends. After that, grafts are transplanted into the sparse or open area. An average of 2,500-3,500 hair grafts can be transplanted into the open area. This technique can be applied without the need for any surgical procedure.


FUE hair transplantation method has become very common among physicians today and has shown that it is a more reliable method. Your hair restoration operation should be performed by a health team of at least 3 people and your specialist doctor. Surgery can be performed in a hospital conditions or medical centers that can be fully performed under sterile conditions. When choosing the center where these procedures will take place, make sure that the surgical environment is sterile and that all conditions are legal. You need to take care to make a choice by prioritizing your health. In addition, the prices vary as sowing technique and shaved or unshaven planting.

How was Townsend Hair Transplant Noticed?


When we compare the pre-post-life photos of the actor, we see that his hair is 3 times more than before. Andros Townsend’s hairline has gone down an inch from his forehead. In addition, the density of hair in the temples is also higher. If we consider the problem of genetic hair loss that exists in him, he must have had a hair transplant for such a result.

Andros Townsend Hair Transplant Results


When we look at the results of Townsend’s hair transplantation, we see that the procedure was performed very successfully. However, for such a result it is necessary to wait at least a year. For this reason, we estimate that the famous footballer may have had the hair transplant at least a year ago.


It is not right to say a clear time on this issue, as the time of growth of the transplanted hair may vary from person to person. However, as seen in people who have hair transplantation, it takes approximately 10-12 months to see the final result in the hair. This process may be shortened depending on the hair structure and environmental factors.

Andros Townsend Hair Transplant Before and After 


When you look at the photos before and after Townsend hair transplantation, you can see the difference very clearly. The famous football player, who had a baldness problem in his previous photos, has lush and fluffy hair in the next photos. It is observed that the player complies very well with the instructions of the post-period. Because paying attention to some situations after hair transplantation is very effective in getting results. For example, to protect your head area from all kinds of trauma after the procedure.


Hair transplantation has become one of the most popular operations today. Men and women who have sparse hair, who want permanent results because they do not want to cope with hair loss problems, who are not satisfied with their existing hair and who want to tighten it, preferred to have hair transplantation and turned to find a quick solution. Although the process is long and arduous, it is not at all so for the person who has the planting. After hair transplantation, there are products that the person should pay attention to and use. In addition to the products to be used by him, there may be additional supports received in the institution, and it is completely related to the desire of the person. 


Apart from care and patience, the person does not have any difficulties or troubles. Time and process are very important in hair transplantation. The work of patience is the work of growing hair over time. Over time, we see 30% in the first three months, 60% in the sixth month, and 100% when a year is up. Of course, the person’s age, metabolic structure, genetic factors, additional care, lifestyle, professional support in the institution are all factors that change the growth rate and quality of the hair.

Get Your Hair Back Like Andros Townsend


If you have a hair loss problem and want to have it treated, the most accurate treatment we can recommend to you is hair transplantation. However, you may want to have a successful hair transplant like Andros Townsend. For this you need to choose for yourself the best clinic.  The first step in the decision-making process will be to choose the right country where you will have the hair transplant. When it comes to hair transplantation, the first country that comes to mind is definitely Turkey. Turkey is one of the most successful countries in the field of medical tourism. However, the number of patients undergoing hair transplantation in Turkey is increasing exponentially every year.

In Conclusion


Andros Townsend had a hair transplant Turkey to treat the hair loss problem he was experiencing. This is not something that is actually known for sure. However, when we look at the before and after photos of the actor, we can clearly see that he has had a hair transplant. Previously, the front area was light and she had sparse hair. After this procedure, the player’s hair is seen long, lush and fluffy.


If you have a hair loss problem due to genetic or different reasons, you can also have this procedure. This procedure, which many people were ashamed to have done before, is now very popular. World-famous players and footballers are now doing this. This gives other people more courage to have a hair transplant. To get good results, you need to find an experienced doctor and a good hair transplant clinic. A detailed research on this subject can give you some clues. Before choosing your clinic, be sure of its quality.